Yes to Post man (or Lady in this case) brought lots of goodies today.

I thought I needed some form of simple reference material and in fact I found out a load of stuff I hadn’t known before… I read it over breakfast 😂. I also got some new toys…

As I had bought Duel a good while ago I thought I might as well get some duellists too. As I was getting bases from Alternative Armies then I thought I might as well… I also got a pack of freebies… armed brains… yes you did in fact read that right… a pack of floating plains with lasers and stuff coming out of them… very weird.

Now I also got a bit of painting done…

I was mainly painting the undercoat for all of the decoration on the command horses. I also threw some paint on the reins too – I am not sure why as if someone is on a horse and they appear the size of a 6mm miniature then I won’t be able to see the reins, let alone tell what colour they are. The other thing was to get another layer of Gesso on the elf and horse. I was inspired to give one a go as the mounted archers haven’t been finished since I got them. I will see how I get in compared to the originals.

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