Huzzah, tonight I actually managed to paint some more of the samurai…shock, horror!

I also printed four more Ogres (to make it even more a fantasy army 🥴)…

Now unfortunately one of the pole arms didn’t print, not sure why, it just didn’t. Luckily GW oversized weapons worked just fine size wise. One now has a war hammer. Two also have some very snazzy feathers too. I need one more to make a unit of six. Evidently there are some different heads that can be switched out in Mesh mixer. So I will do one of them tomorrow.

I printed the last two Reiters today too…

I now have a unit of six of these.for these two I used light supports and it certainly made my job a heck of a lot easier. Hopefully my new bases will arrive soon as I am getting a bit of a backlog of miniatures needing bases.

On a totally different note… Ages ago I ordered so new foam to make some more armour for my daughter and after some shenanigans I contacted them to say it hadn’t arrived, so they sent some more (well I think they did). Turns out the Courier wouldn’t deliver to Shetland.. AKA cannot be arsed to find out what to do… as in deliver to Aberdeen ferry terminal and one of the Shetland couriers sends it on. It is bloody annoying, sometimes I wonder why people just don’t post things. I will happily pay the cost of the post office delivery, it is often cheaper than a courier anyway. We deliver anywhere in the Uk… except if we have to cross any water… are they bloody Vampires or what! Rant over 🥵

6 thoughts on “Samurai, Ogres and some Reiters

  1. The ogres look really good, and I like the weapon swap, makes them look even more “Ogre’ish”

    Postage is a little odd sometimes I recently wanted to get some paint from “Colour Party” paints, put everything in the basket but when I went to pay the site said “We don’t deliver to Wales”, which is a little odd, as a) why not the post office doesn’t have a problem with Wales and they were the ones delivering it. and b) I don’t live in Wales! alright I’m about five miles away from the border, but definitely in Wirral England!

    I bought if from Mighty Lancer Games, in the end.

    Cheers Roger.

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