Well as you know doubt guessed, I got nothing painted today, busy, busy, busy this morning and out gaming this afternoon. I did manage to hit print three times and ended up with a mighty fine cannon and crew (with another crew waiting to be cured).

I also have the (twelve miniature) unit of dwarf light infantry cured and ready for bases too. Tomorrow I think I am going to go for some dwarf artillery crews and a couple of swivel guns and an organ gun. Then I think I need to sit down and work out what I have and what I need. I will need to sort out some human cavalry as well as some more medium infantry, some flagellants and a unit of zweihanders too.

The beauty is that I have everything that I need to print them… I just need to decided, for example in the cavalry, I have demilancers, mounted crossbows (okay they are mounted infantry) Reiter’s with carbines and with pistols). Part of me now wants some elves to go with (or against) this lot. I suppose that I should put my sensible head on and paint what I have. I shall therefore be good and get them for a Christmas present.

I am going to try for an early night again tonight… as it is overcast it is a bit dusk like out there, but I shall be good and go to bed, I even turned the printer off to avoid getting sucked into messing around with that. Speaking of printers, it does seem to be behaving at the minute 🤞🤞🤞.

Tonight’s game was another hoot. The stranded crew ended up doing all kinds of weird things that upset the Working Joe’s they also found the missing NPC who had turned into some kind of weird monster courtesy of Weyland Yutani. They somehow managed to beat him, but before they could finish him off he managed to escape into the base. They then managed to steal the submarine and were last seen hurtling off into the depths… only to realise that the only way to escape is to use the long range communications array back in the base… which they sort of had to break to escape. So somehow they have to work out how to get into an undersea base that has a very angry scary monster and some working Joe’s who no longer seem that well disposed towards them… stress dice are certainly adding up… one of them has six already the other two have four…. what can possibly go wrong!

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