Tonight I headed off to visit my mate and we got to drink tea and discuss our upcoming games, both my Alien RPG and the new one I have bought for my eldest…New RPG

I got back quite late but managed to slap a bit of paint about…

Slowly moving towards a finish line. To be honest I decided to just paint the grenades black, with the idea to repaint them white later to allow some red to be added. Really just the hands and weapons to do with the Contrast paint and then onto the metallics.

Hopefully I will get some more done on these tomorrow. I am deliberately leaving the printers switched off as it is getting a bit stressful constantly adding to the painting pile… my plan is finish the Arbites, Flintloque and the undercoated 6mm Samurai (oh and get some basing material onto the 15mm Samurai) then take stock of where I am.

Sadly the undercoated samurai are about a third (maybe a half) of the whole army. I am honestly not sure whether to just get them all done in one go or not…it might be a bit soul destroying, which is why I am dithering.

I have decided to start offloading stuff I am never going to get finished, or in some cases, started! Number one of these are the 15mm Black Hat Aztecs. I got a whole armies worth and decided on the Tin soldier ones instead. I really just couldn’t be hassled with separate shields and hands on something in 15mm, plus everyone had a similar shield, even troops that wouldn’t use that kind. I know that I will never, ever get them done so I might as well get them on Ebay or similar and get a bit of cash to spend on new paint or brushes.

What I am trying to say is my pile of shame is a bit on the large side and needs reducing by at least half, I mean I am sitting on GW blister packs from the 90’s… They are so old that the plastic is actually falling to bits. I will never get round to painting them… I suppose the bottom line is that I need the space, my 6×8 shed is packed, my cupboard in the big shed is packed, the bit in the passage above me books (which are packed in) is stuffed full. It’s a pity I don’t have a van and an easy way to get to some Wargames conventions as I reckon it would be quite cathartic .

Right I am going to stop rambling now and go to bed… I will catch you all tomorrow.

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