Well the printer has kindly let me print eight of the ten miniatures. I need to do the Marshall and the sergeant. I also bought the set that means I can choose what they are armed with. There will be a second squad armed with shields and hand weapons and then a heavy weapon squad too. So this is where we are at now…

The one on the right had a support failure… his arm is a little on the thin side. I will reprint him and probably use this one as a test model to get an idea on colours for them. The two I really like are the one reloading and the one with his finger to his headset, obviously calling for backup.

While I was looking for something to put on the 15mm pack mule I found this chap instead… he is one of my original Necromunda gangers. Obviously he is a little worse for wear now having been bounced around in a box for the last …goodness knows how long. I do reckon he deserves a repaint!

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we went to the beach on Sunday afternoon. I did a post on my other (sadly neglected) blog Here . I have got a few more ideas in the back of my head on what to do on there next… I just need to find time to do the research first.

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