My daughter is well into her cosplay (or would like to be) so a good while a go I bought some patterns for making bits and pieces for her. I printed some out and today we decided to have a go at some armour for the forearm.

We were messing around and came up with a couple of designs. There are plenty of flaws in them, but she is over the moon with them and to be honest, for a first attempt then I am really pleased too.

As we were just messing we used what we had which was EVA foam mats, card and split peas for the rivets. I will get them sprayed up tomorrow after we have heated them and formed them a bit more.

7 thoughts on “Now for Something Totally Different

  1. The Brother in Law is big into cosplay, I have made a few bits for him hear and there the main one being a badge” to go on the front of his GOT armour, see links….

    And painted up others. Maybe I’m being a bit dense here but who is she trying to be? They look good, rather than lentils we used paper fasteners.

    Cheers Roger.

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