So after a number of weeks of whiteness everywhere we awoke to pretty much this this morning…

I think I prefer the snow, the winds are up to to about 60mph, gusting higher, and at least is rain rather than snow. A bit miffed I never got my Valhallan’s photographed in their natural environment. Unst has warned that its roads are remaining closed due to severe drifting snow.

Okay to be fair it is about 40 miles away as the crow flies from my house to the centre of the island and indeed, when we were first up here we went for a day out to Unst and turned around due to drifting snow, which by time we got back to the ferry had totally disappeared.

It will soon be spring, except we don’t really have a proper spring, it’s more like winter, a few days of sort of spring then Summer. On the up side it there is still light in the sky gone 17.00 now.

Hopefully I will get more painting done this afternoon.

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