Now I am not a scientist, but who would have thought that not playing with the kids on the PS4 would actually mean there is more time to paint things…weird eh?

Anyway I actually managed to get a couple of things finished, upon saying that I reckon that I could do a bit more on each one…

I also got some more done on the bits and pieces from Warhammer Quest…

I made a good start on the missing Vox Caster, he needs his coat darkening to match in with the rest..

I must admit, I have found it difficult to get motivated of late, my painting table in the lounge is covered in random half painted miniatures, which probably isn’t helping.

I have got some more stuff from my mate to paint up, a unit of Space Marines and some Genestealer cult miniatures. I have said that I want to get some of my stuff done first…

I ended up looking at more miniatures today, but was pleased with myself that I didn’t buckle and hit the purchase button. I toyed with the idea of getting rid of my 15th Century Perry’s cavalry and replace them with the Agincourt ones. I needed some cavalry quick for Lion Rampant and that was all that I could get hold of at the time (plus the earlier ones weren’t even a thing). I could have purchased metal ones, but they worked out as double the cost of the plastic’s.

The one thing I am really considering is the ACW ironclads, not sure why, but it is an itch that is getting itchier. Stupid thing is I have no real interest in ACW, I can pick some up cheap enough for the printer, but to be honest, it would be another pile of STL’s sitting there on the external hard drive.

6 thoughts on “More Painting?

  1. I’ve been there mate, with lots of half finished stuff spread across the table, depressing the hell out of you. I try to finish one thing before I start the next these days (doesn’t always work though). Sorry to caption your pain by the way😉.

    Like the finished Flintloque stuff, and yes there is something about ACW Ironclads isn’t there!

    Cheers Roger.

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