Today I managed to get some more of the wolves done. They, like the rhino, need some Matt varnish. I haven’t quite decided on how everything will look in the end. So this is a starter for ten.

So this is where we have got to in the build. Part of me thinks that the wolves are a bit dark for this, but it is how they are in reality. I may have a play around with them and see how I get on.

Next question is blood on the calf or not….? I think not, but maybe I should.

15 thoughts on “Diorama… Nearly There

  1. Looking good! 🙂 You could move the wolves slightly further from the trees if you want them to be seen more easily, but I’d keep the colours on them as they are! I would have said don’t put any blood on the calf, but maybe some on a leg somewhere might make it obvious that the the calf’s lying down because it’s injured rather than asleep/resting.

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      1. NO! This is one of those “this time, the calf is lucky and the wolves settle for easier prey” episodes. I’ll never believe otherwise.

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  2. This is looking great and I will add my vote for either no blood or to make it a really small amount (like maybe a cut on its leg) to keep it as a small detail. Otherwise, I fear it will become distracting and/or unrealistic looking which is how a lot of attempts to use blood in miniatures and dioramas end up sadly.

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