Well this is taking a while to dry, the ground cover stuff is still cold to the touch so is still not dry (the joys of not living in a centrally heated house). Anyway I shoved some beasties on to see what it looked like and to be honest I am rather pleased with how it is beginning to come together.

I reckon it will look better when I have some colours on both the ground and the animals 🥴.

I did splash some paint around this evening, I got some more on some wolves and started making the cattle less white…

Hopefully I will carry on with this lot tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Diorama Update

  1. Those look superb. What colours did you use for the wolves please? I’ve got some to paint soon.

    I know what you mean about things taking ages to dry when you have no central heating. I have a plug in radiator but the cat tends to monopolise that so I can’t really use it to dry stuff by.



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