So after last night’s struggle to paint anything, I was a teeny bit more productive this evening. I actually managed to get a base coat on pretty much everything apart from the cavalry.

This army has a lot of elephants but none that scream general at me. So as it happens one of my individual miniatures is on a rearing horse, so I will add that to a stand of hefalumps to denote general quality. I am also going to blag one of my Ashigaru Nobori carries to give it some sort of banner.

Okay not accurate, but it will add a little something extra to help with the command base. Now as I have said before, I haven’t got a clue about the Khmer, So for all the purists out there…sorry. These will be simply classed as type, heavy infantry (or whatever the manufacturer tells me their designation is.

As I was painting the elephants this song kept going round and round in my head…

So I thought I would let you all join in too… all together now… one, two, a one, two, three four….

Hopefully I will think of a different song tomorrow…. I have now been hooked on PUBG by my son… off to jump out of an aeroplane and try and find a suitable weapon before some other sod nicks it…

6 thoughts on “Khmer…Making a Start

  1. I’m not well-versed in these things (and I’ve lent my Osprey War Elephants book to me mate) but I’m wondering if you could maybe just add a parasol to one of the elephants to represent the general? Am looking forward to seeing these finished! 🙂

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