I didn’t get to eat until gone 20.00 this evening as I became dad’s taxi for my eldest. I drove home to pick up the new car, and then drove into Lerwick to pick them up and to take their friend back home, which was pretty much back at where I work… so I am actually surprised that I managed anything tonight.

But here we go… progress….

Heavy infantry and Heavy Cavalry
Heavy infantry with the light chaps and ladies at the back.

John has suggested I add a parasol to one of the elephants to denote the general so I will give it a try with a pin and a teeny bit of Greenstuff. Funnily enough on the Irregular website the elephant shown has one…

I am gaming tomorrow night so may not get much done… we are carrying on with adventures in Middle Earth. Luckily we managed to get the first mission finished last week before we were overrun by baddies.

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