Picking up a paintbrush was actually hard work. I really had to force myself to do something. I am actually not sure whether it was the fact I came out of work at 18.00 and had dinner at 19.00 or whether it was the fact that I decided to paint 6mm individual figures, or a combination of both. I did manage to also get some paint on the Torri. It is in the ‘looking crap’ stage at the minute. I reckon it will get somewhere better soon.

I also got my Khmer army undercoated ready for Shenanigans with a paint brush soon.

Whilst putting them on their lolly sticks I was a bit miffed to find that I had an odd number of bases of one type. But with time pressing on, I got the rest sprayed before it got too cold or damp out there. I walked in, opened the box file with the paint in and there it was, sitting smuggly in full view. I am now convinced that some form of secret society exists to cause chaos and mayhem in the war gaming fraternity… they hide your lucky dice for a start!

Here is the smug little sod!

To be frank… I would need a capital letter at the start of my name… sorry rubbish teacher joke there….Here is another one… you have been warned….

I really don’t have a clue what a Khmer force looks like… or what minis are what well to be honest elephants I can spot, but as for the infantry…

Until tomorrow….

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