I went exploring today, more of that later, but after I staggered back in full of fresh air and fish and chips, I decided to try making my fences into a T junction and a crossover. So I set about playing in 3D builder and within 5 minutes I had a T (including ages getting the individual files to merge). I then set about using the T and added another arm to make the cross.

A bit of stringing but otherwise ok.

I measured the original printed walls and they sat at 13mm at the top of the tallest piece of fence. I therefore shrank these down to 13mm with the dimensions locked to ensure everything reduced by the same percentage amount.

I would say I have successfully matched the two bits into the rest. I am pleased with how they turned out.

I am printing another pair and will see what I can come up with. I intend trying the same with the stone walls. These may prove trickier than the wooden ones as they have tiled roofs.

So it instead of adding too many different things to this Blog, I started another one that is more about Shetland. So here is the link to my visit to a bit more of Shetland’s wartime past…http://outaboutinshetland.home.blog/2020/09/06/soe-shetland-and-the-norwegians/

Let me know what you think. The idea is so that my daughter who wants to start blogging has somewhere that she can use too.

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