I was knackered this evening and after finding that somehow water had got in between my wooden roof and the plastic liner of the conservatory then, after swearing lots, I couldn’t really be arsed to do anything.

I think it must have got in a good while ago but I hadn’t noticed until this evening, as there is no way that it could have got in there now. There is also a bit of a damp patch where the door needs sealing properly (it just needs the external casing on), there is another bit where a nail went though the liner (I swore then too 🤬). So technically it is wind and watertight. My wife has been using it quite a bit to do her video meetings in, so she likes it, we take the ferrets for their daily run around in there too.

Built by my own fair hand 😉 actually, both wooden buildings are…

I started mooching around 3D Alien Worlds website to see what Samurai stuff I haven’t actually got 😂 not much to be honest… the castle stuff and the watch tower is pretty much it. I reckon that I am going to get the castle walls, corner tower and gatehouse for my 15mm skirmish Games.

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