Tonight I managed to get a bit done on the walls and thatch of the village. Adding the brown to the base of the walls really makes the aged wood colour a bit more visible.

FE42D0E3-F191-4111-84D3-046EBB9A9362As you can see, the thatch was done just before the photo was taken. Still a whole lot of work to do on these, but I am definitely getting there.

I did swear earlier this evening, lots, in fact. I came home to this…

BF473E5C-889E-46BE-AC51-C5F01210B794These buildings in the spaghetti are exactly the same as the ones above. There has been a massive layer shift on them as well as some not printing above a certain height. The only thing that I can think of is that one popped off and it caused a domino effect with the rest.

i therefore decided to print them in pairs (only to find part way through the print that I have one solid and one hollow on the plate). This time I have added supports in case it was the lack of support that caused the problem above.

It looks like shuttering around the building 🤣 It really does show how far out the roof sticks out…


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