I was printing a second castle for someone online and it went in to check on it at the 8 hour mark and arrived just as one piece parted company from the build plate.

Lots of swearing ensued, but I think I managed to get it sorted with round ice lolly sticks, print stick and white tack.

Unfortunately the place I put isn’t exactly in the right place, but I reckon that I can redo the corner and print just that bit.

Basically what happened is that the corner under the print head is a separate entity until the curved gate top joins it to the other two sides. You can see in the photo below.

In hindsight, I should have added a base to the doorway then it would have joined everything together. Still got about 18 hours to go so fingers crossed that it will all still be working well tomorrow morning. 🤞

This is getting a bit stressful as I am printing it for someone else.

We went gaming again tonight, making characters for Starship Troopers. I have got a break from being a GM for a while. I am looking forward to playing instead of having to think of the game.

Whilst emptying a gaming bag I came across this little chap, looking worse for wear, to be honest. This is my forerunner of Contrast Paints. I painted him in washes and inks round about 2007/08.

6 thoughts on “Disaster Averted, I hope!

  1. it’s like double stress when you’re printing for someone else! And I remember doing a huge number of night goblins back 2001-2002 timeframe using white spray paint and green ink to get a “glowing” green skin! Contrast paints really aren’t that new of an idea! Good luck with the rest of the castle!!

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