So this evening I eventually got around to looking at a couple of photo disks that I found from 2003. Here are a pile from our training sessions in Maidenhead. we travelled down from Newcastle to there once a month. I would leave school at 16.30 pick up my wife (of Fiancee back then) and head on down the road. we used to get there at around 21.00… this was when Janet fed her horses so we would pile out of the car and help. This paid off long term as Janet would actually let Esther and I choose our mounts for either the training or for events

The last photo is of me in Poland, lounging without my sabre. Funnily enough the sabres were original Klingenthal. I always thought that they were replica, evidently not (or so I was told)… that is my original Universal pattern saddle from around the 1930’s too.

Talking of originals, when we were in Warsaw, one of our guys from the second squadron asked us to meet him at the museum at 11.30. We thought he wanted a coffee. instead he had raided the stores  and brought a pile of original uniforms  for us to look at…

I just had to add my very first Selfie into this.

I am going to have  a mooch through some more to see what else I can find to bore you all with.

Right Bed time, I am back working in nursery tomorrow and my important job is to eat the dry Pasta cake one of them made me and then put the bird feeders on the window! Ahhh the joys of being a principal of a small school.

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