So a small, but heavy parcel arrived this morning…

I wonder what has come from Baccus?

So inside the box were a whole host of 6mm Samurai miniatures…

So what do we have?

Enough forces to keep me busy for a while, Cavalry, Yumi and Teppo armed Ashigaru, as well as pavaises to hide behind. Yari armed samurai and Ashigaru as well as mounted generals (not shown) and a seated general with his retainers (and the odd head or three) inside Maku screens. They do look really nice.

I think I am going to base them for the Banzai ruleset, which also means they will match in with the ones already done in 6mm. They state that the miniatures must be on a base that is twice the depth of the base so basically a 20 x 40 or 30 x 60 etc.

On a totally different note, we had our One Ring Campaign tonight and the participants liked their miniatures. Highlight of the evening was when the hobbit took down a bear almost single handed!

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