Glueing, Undercoating and Army lists…

Today has been hectic to say the least, I didn’t sleep well last night and wanted a lie in, only to find second kitten had been caught so we went over and picked it up… here are the little cuties…

No names yet, number two is on the right.

We then sorted out the shed some more. The knackered, bounced upon sofa, is going in there for some seating. I managed to sort out the prolapsed base as well as add in some more padding to the front, the new one was built in the lounge too.

In amongst this busyness I managed to get the Baccus Samurai undercoated. I also got the cavalry based up too…

The four in the front are messengers with their big Horo on their back. On the far side are some mounted commanders. I am going to add in some printed banners to the base.

The other thing I have been doing is working out a sort of army list for the Italian wars. I have ordered the Furioso supplement as it deals with this war and adds solo play… I did find an army in my 6mm ‘yet to do something with’ box…

These are a mix of Irregular miniatures. I bought them second hand about 20 years ago at least. The two big flags in the foreground are from the fantasy range as they have five figures in the strip… historical’s have six.

Still in two minds on 6mm or 10mm, but I have plenty of time to choose as the Samurai need finishing first.

Samurai Cavalry Done

Well I think that they are done, or at least as done as I am going to do them,with the exception of the spear points.

The Irregular ones in the background are still to finish off. I still have a whole more Baccus infantry to get started, but the army is definitely on the way to completion.

I managed to get the caravan moving again today, new springs, plenty of WD40 and a neighbour with pair of pliers and voila the brakes now work. They will need a new cable but at least I can now tow it to someone if I cannot manage it myself.

Baccus with the Samurai Again

So tonight I had a mooch in the 6mm box from Baccus and decided to try some base sizes for the command set.

I have two options…

The small one looks pretty naff and overcrowded where the larger one looks more open, but a bit narrow… these really are the only sizes of MDF bases that I have available. I think I am going to have to print something to make things fit.

I will have a look to see if I can find something nocking about, but I am not holding my breath.

Now I suppose that I could miss out the honjin screens, but that really isn’t very Japanese if I do.

What’s in the Box?

So a small, but heavy parcel arrived this morning…

I wonder what has come from Baccus?

So inside the box were a whole host of 6mm Samurai miniatures…

So what do we have?

Enough forces to keep me busy for a while, Cavalry, Yumi and Teppo armed Ashigaru, as well as pavaises to hide behind. Yari armed samurai and Ashigaru as well as mounted generals (not shown) and a seated general with his retainers (and the odd head or three) inside Maku screens. They do look really nice.

I think I am going to base them for the Banzai ruleset, which also means they will match in with the ones already done in 6mm. They state that the miniatures must be on a base that is twice the depth of the base so basically a 20 x 40 or 30 x 60 etc.

On a totally different note, we had our One Ring Campaign tonight and the participants liked their miniatures. Highlight of the evening was when the hobbit took down a bear almost single handed!