On our Wedding Anniversary my good lady and I took a stroll to the Sound Battery.

The bunkers were there to protect the South end of Lerwick harbour, sadly the North end ones are no more.

In June 1940 two 4-inch guns were emplaced and only a month later in July 1940 by two 6-inch guns. The two 4-inch guns were moved to Calback battery at Sullom Voe.

This searchlight position didn’t make it…

Hopefully no-one was in it when it went splat!

the third searchlight position is further South along the top of the cliff.

Now that is a lot of scrap iron!

The unusual thing about this battery is that the trenches were all covered…

The engine room is still standing and the foundations for the quarters of those manning the guns can still be seen.

This is the battery taken from the air,

Sadly I cannot find the one taken in 1946!

Hopefully I will find some more bits and pieces and post them at a later date.

9 thoughts on “Gun Battery

  1. Excellent. My parents, as kids, lived near abandoned army barracks at a place called Wormwood Scrubs. They’d go and play there and get into all sorts of mischief. Mum said it was creepy because the underground bunkers still had paperwork scattered around like people had left in a rush.

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    1. Awesome, weirdest place I have been is the Manod slate mines in north Wales. We used to explore them at night (like you do) and on one trip we came into this huge cavern that was full of brick built buildings, that was so weird, they still had light fittings and doors etc. We only found out later that it was where all the art treasures were stored to keep them safe from the blitz. Part of the TV series Edge of Darkness from the early 80’s was filmed in the same mine. We came across about 40 empty whiskey bottles and car sized lumps of slate that were made of polystyrene. So we blagged one and strapped it to my mates car 😂

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