Okay, so it wasn’t that I was doing nothing. I have been messing with slicing files for both printers.

I am going to give some miniatures a go tomorrow, with the settings I have of 0.2 and also 9 seconds a layer then they are going to take over 8 hours to do six of them! Hopefully it will be worth it.

I also sliced the 6mm Japanese castle that I got with the terrain. This is going to take over a day to print, it is pretty huge. This is my 6mm one. I will get the 3DAlienWorlds one for my 15mm stuff.

As can be seen, I have sprayed the buildings and walls as well as print the multiple paddy fields. It is probably a bit big so might end up for the 15’s. I can always print off another one that is a bit smaller tomorrow.

Finally keeping with my Japanese theme. My good lady made me a new mask for going shopping in.

I always feel sorry for Hokusai as poor bloke is trying to paint a nice picture of Mount Fuji and a ruddy great wave hurtles into view. 😂

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