These are pretty much finished now apart from the fact that I forgot to paint the back banner!

I also had a play about with some of them on a 30×40 base and a 20×40 base. I still can’t decide which to go for. There are twenty in total so I could get 5 bases With 4 to a base and 6 full bases with 3 To a base.

Pretty much everything I have done is on the 20×40 bases so I don’t know whether adding something bigger into the mix will look a bit weird or not.

These next miniatures are not lizards and definitely not 6mm.

I decided to get some paint on these. These were the underexposed lot so the features are pretty much non existent, but as I am a stingy sod I am painting them anyway. Hopefully I will get them finished sooner rather than later. I have been a really good boy and my resin printer is having a rest while I think about what I am actually going to do on it.

5 thoughts on “Lizard Cavalry

  1. Nice work.

    I think for the cavalry it depends on how they are classed- lighter cavalry: makes more sense to spread them out. Medium or heavy cavalry: a dense more solid formation looks best imo.



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  2. I think those minis will turn out fine despite being underexposed. Once they’re painted and on the table, no-one’s going to notice apart from you 😀

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