Tonight was a bit more productive than yesterday as I actually managed to paint things…

Here they are so far. They still have weapons and shields to do and then sort out any missed bits. These were really nice to paint so thumbs up to the sculptor as they were pretty speedy to do. Yeah I could have spent more time sorting out stripes and things but decided against it. I decided to make a leader by adding a back banner as befits an Aztecesque Beasty. Once the Greenstuff has cured I will cut it down and make it colourful. The leader is the only one that is a different colour. My original idea was to go black, then purple, but instead I went for grey, trying to make an albino type that would mark him out as special. His mount is the only one with s coloured crown too (well yes grey is a colour, but I meant bright colour).

Hopefully I will get these finished tomorrow. I am not sure how many I will add to a base and what size base to do. All of the other cavalry are on 20×40. I can definitely fit them onto one, but part of me things 30×40 as I can then spread them out a bit. I will have a play around tomorrow and see what I come up with…

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