The title says it all really. Making sure that the ‘raw’ resin is removed from the parts is really important. You can tell from these two galleys…

I bet you cannot tell which one was cleaned the best!

Mikko very kindly gave me some advice and it certainly has made a difference. These things are really small, that is a 6mm miniature in the background. I have now got some new resin so will need to do a test print to begin with as this one is translucent green. I reckon that I need 9 seconds to get the best quality at the present layer height. I intend to try increasing the resolution and see what I can get out of it.

The journey continues…

4 thoughts on “Resin Cleaning – the Importance of…

    1. Many thanks for the advice, this was the first lot I did… but basically I scoosh them in the ISO drain them and then pop them off the plate and into the soapy water, then into water, then back into the ISO and leave it in there for a while, then into the ultrasonic cleaner.


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