Today has been a busy one, but I managed to get some painting done as well as working with resin with the kids.

I got the undead a bit further forward as well as finishing the ogres and the cart and draft oxen (I just need to find the wagons now).

I also found my 6mm Arabs from WW1. They are painted so I just need to do the Turks and I am laughing 😉.

The kids made some more resin pieces, but I also bit the bullet and got a start on unboxing the printer…

Guess what is in here?

Levelling with paper… I can do that.

To level it you place a piece of paper on the base, and click a button. The printer plate moves down and when it is right down one simply tightens the four silver bolts d voila… press another button to tell it that it is zeroed in and that’s it… ready to print.

All it together and ready to go… I put the square against it so you can see the rough size of it.

I had to print the test cube as I actually couldn’t work out how to slice the bits I wanted to print. Sadly you will have to wait until tomorrow before seeing what it looks like. I am pretty impressed so far as I could never have done it on the Ender3.

Like the Ender it tells me the print time and the amount of material used. I evidently put way too much resin in the holder. Luckily I can reuse the stuff that doesn’t cure. I can run it through a fine sieve and then put it back into the bottle.

This is the start of a very large learning curve as this thing can make hollow prints to save on resin, these hollow prints need plug holes adding to allow the interior liquid resin to escape.

Now I bought grey resin as it seemed a good idea at the time, however having done a bit more research (aka watching YouTube) it is suggested that clear resins might be better as it allows the UV light to pass through the object and cure it faster.

I have got myself a couple of pots, one with ISO in and the other with meths. Again watching YouTube people who can’t get ISO easily were using meths to clean the prints before curing. Tomorrow I will print a couple of Milk maids off and give each a go in the different liquids. I have seen some people use hot water too, so perhaps that will be a third one to test.

Print comes off the plate in 20 minutes or so, so wish me luck!

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