Tonight I worked some more on the 6mm Forces. To be honest I was Nearly gnawing my own arm off, but at least I cracked on and got within spitting distance of finishing.

I am pleased that they have pretty much come out how I wanted them to look.

I decided that each Nobori cluster would have different Symbols on them, for no other reason than I wanted them to look different.

To be honest these aren’t the best painted 6mm I have ever done, but there again the details on these was a bit tricky at times. In no way is this a complaint against the sculptor, the best I have ever managed were pumpkins. Obviously I liked them as I bought lots of armies from Ian at Irregular Miniatures. I just suddenly remembered, that when I moved to shetland that my 6mm Napoleonic’s went in the bin, as No-one wanted them and I needed to reduce the amount I was bringing up here.

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