Okay, if truth be told it should be the Ronin hair, as that is all I did on them. I spent a lot more time on the 6mm stuff.

The sashimi are all painted black as are the Nobori , bows are done, just a mon to do on the black, weapons and faces on the infantry. Hopefully will be finished soon.

I was relieved yesterday as I managed to get more Spray paint… five cans of it (including a one with filler in). I thought the latter might be useful to fill in the lumps and bumps on the prints…

I gave some roads and my map tiles a few coats and it wasn’t that impressive…

Now to be honest, this could be a case of user error as Although I shook it a fair bit, I didn’t do my usual warm it up too. I will give it another blast tomorrow and see if it makes any difference.

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