Lots and lots… I really don’t believe this!

For some reason the terrain bits have warped, the only thing I can think of is that they got too hot on the window sill, when I was trying to dry off the resin. It might be the case that it was the resin, but it had pretty much been cured for days and they stayed flat… I will try warming them up again and flattening them out…

10 thoughts on “I Swore…

  1. I hesitated to “like” this post, since I don’t like what’s happened! I’ve noticed that the rice paddies have warped differently though (“hogged” instead of “sagged”). When I use milliput on card bases I always blu-tak the bases down, otherwise the combination of milliput curing and cardboard getting damp lifts the edges, but it’s fine once set! All I can think of here is that you can maybe put them somewhere warm and weigh down the raised bits and hope they return. Or 30 seconds in hot water, straighten out and then cold water, but not sure how well the paint/resin will react to hot water!

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    1. Cheers John, I just don’t get it as it said on the bottle 24 hours to cure, this happened 5 days later. The only thing I can think of is the resin somehow stopped even heating on the window sill and caused the problem. The paddies probably went the other way due to the rice being superglued down every few mm.

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