Today was a bit of a productive day, I have pretty much finished all of my mates birthday present. The Buddha and Tori gate have been neglected, so I gave them a bit of vegetation. I am not sure whether I like the bits on the statue, but it may grow on me. The last bit to do is the wagon with the rice bales on it..

I also managed to make a start on a 6mm Lizardmen Army, I decided to give these a go as I wanted to have some practice before I went for 6mm Samurai. I was thinking of doing a 6mm Sengoku participation game in the October games day (that is if it goes ahead).

Yeah the colours are a bit GW, but I couldn’t think of what other colour to do them. I will do a bit more tomorrow evening on these.

And finally, the pretty sky part…

It wasn’t too bad an evening…

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