So this afternoon, whilst my daughter painted a wooden ship, I decided to get some gunk onto the bases of the various miniatures.

Once the gunk has dried I will paint in the white bits and get the edges painted too. Once dried it will be onto the flock etc. The gunk in this instance is home made wood flock, a bit of sand, filler, brown paint and PVA.

I could have just chucked the flock on, but with the superglue potentially being iffy I decided to get this done to help hold the mini down. I gave them all a poke to see if they were going to budge and thankfully they all seem secure now.

I still have bits and pieces to finish on these, but I thought I might as well do this as it would take a while. It probably took longer to base them than it did to paint the Goblins last night.

I have struggled with these and I think it was because I don’t really like them. Now this is not a case of having a dig at the sculptor, but there is something a bit ‘meh’ about them for me. It definitely isn’t the subject material as I am probably going to get some more Battle Valour monsters to go with the Oni. I have a pile of Alternative Armies 15mm fantasy miniatures which I love (not to mention hundreds of Flintloque 28’s). I kind of feel bad saying it, but if these weren’t for my mate I would have probably put them in a box and forgot about them. Maybe it is just a phase and once they are done and finished I will like them. I actually just had a thought there. The ones I liked really worked well with Contrast paint and the meh ones did, but had weird poses. The Japanese school girls in uniforms are, to be frank, totally out of place, unless they are for modern monster hunters.

At least they are nearly done and I can get on with this lot next…

So here we have half a dozen (small) ronin. A dozen villagers and village things, three ninja (or Shinobi as I should really call them) and half a dozen large oni with big weapons.

He ronin are smaller than the villagers which is a bit weird. I never noticed until I had them ready for spraying. I will have to see if the other types are smaller.

6 thoughts on “Sengoku Monster Hunter Basing

  1. Sounds like it will be a relief to get those done. I’m excited for the villagers as they will add even more life to your terrain/board. Feudal Japan will be well-represented and vibrant when all this is done!


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