I decided to do a full sized pond today, but to make it a bit different I took the Teahouse rocks and blended them into the pond in 3D builder.

The 50% one took about an hour and ten minutes. This one took five and three quarters. I did have a bit of printer problems to begin with. First off nothing was printing so I changed the spring on the extruder (well not exactly) I removed my two screws and added the proper bit in. I also re levelled the plate as the front right corner was pretty much out and nothing was printing there at all. So eventually when everything was tip top. I started again and voila, it came out properly.

Where I added the rocks is pretty obvious when I compare the two. I fully intended to stretch one of the axis too, but forgot.

Tomorrow I will print off some reeds and water lilies and possibly a fish or two, but there will definitely be a turtle in there too. These will be done at 50% again so that I don’t have a man sized koi swimming around in the pond.

Today was spent reading stories or rather a story lots of times for a video for the bairns in my nursery. I had an able assistant…

Louis kept messing up and I had to redo it so many times. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

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