Another little bit of work on these. Had a bit of an eventful day… more on that later…

All the skin tones are done (the white ones are face masks with moustaches)now as well as most of the boots and gloves (I say most as I am bound to have forgotten some). onto the trappings tomorrow. These will need to be painted white first then some bright colours added.

The eventful day was caused by the ball cock in the header tank of the hot water boiler snapping.. snapping is too strong a word, it fell off when I went to adjust it. Thankfully the overflow managed to cope and one of the local shops was open on a Sunday and thankfully had plumbing supplies… amazingly replacing it went pretty much without a hitch… apart from dropping my phone down behind a double wall. Thankfully it had the torch on so I could work out where it was and miraculously I could actually reach it without dismantling the kitchen.

Being stood on a ladder did not help the sprained ankle which is still bloody hurting a week later. 😢

We have been out in the sunshine With the bows the last few days and have broken this side of the target box…

I have to go into work to tomorrow to let in one of my staff to get a school iPad to allow her to work from home. I will get some more work ready to send home for the kids.

4 thoughts on “Samurai Cavalry…Again

  1. Ooooh, I hate when I’m using my phone as a flashlight and I drop it! I’ve yet to drop it somewhere where I thought I might have to remove a wall, but mostly I’m just hoping it’s screen isn’t smashed to bits when I retrieve it!

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