So I am sat here drinking tea and eating cheese and crackers (we have run out of shop bought bread – time to make our own) and I just glanced out the window. It is a pretty good view, well it would be if some pillock hadn’t have parked his car just outside the gate…

Apologies for the doggy nose prints on the glass.

It’s a pretty nice place to live. Social distancing isn’t a problem here, we basically live in the middle of a field. It is great as the kids can get out and run about to their hearts content. Once my bow comes (hopefully tomorrow) then I will pick up theirs and we can go out and practice – well that is if the snow doesn’t come!

So as we have people from all over the world I wondered what the view out of your window was.

Here is the view without the car in the picture…

We live in the bottom of a valley, you can just see one of the roads going up the hill on the extreme left of the picture. This route is a bit of a nightmare in the snow and ice, the other way has a 90 degree junction followed by a short, but very steep rise, meaning it can be tricky too.

Stream meanders past the house and can just be seen beyond the thick fence post towards the left of the picture. All of the migratory birds are back. The field is usually full of curlew, Oyster Catchers and Lapwing. I haven’t heard any snipe yet, but they will return no doubt.

The stream is full of life too. Some big eels in there as well as various fish, supposedly rainbow trout (my mate is a fisherman) but I have never seen any… we do get these chappies too…

Ignore the date stamp.. time is right, date is wrong

Based on last year’s photos we have at least two possibly three different otters. Once the chance of flooding has gone then we will get both cameras out again. You can see one of them in the shot above. This year I am going to put one of them on the other side of the stream.

So, just for fun, show me your view out of a window.

20 thoughts on “A View from the Window

  1. >”So as we have people from all over the world I wondered what the view out of your window was.”

    My husband stuck his GoPro out our backdoor, when it was raining a couple of weeks ago, and made a 90 minute video. We don’t have nearly enough allosauridae in Santa Cruz county, but one thing we definitely have in abundance at our house is trees.

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      1. Heh, yes, the redwoods and such do kind of set the tone. I keep looking for Jurassic beasties, but so far the closest I’ve seen are the turkeys.

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  2. Excellent, looks like a cracking place to live! I was hoping to get up to Shetland this year, not sure if that’ll happen now though. I see you’re a fellow camera trapper too, used to be my favourite part of my old job. There’s not much call for it in my current job but I keep dropping hints!

    These days the view from the window is just of the flats across the street, however I have lived in some really wild and remote corners of the country so if I can find any good photos I’ll post them up (no promises though – I’ve not long moved and they’ll be on a hard-drive in a box… somewhere..?!)

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      1. Thank you – I’d appreciate that a lot! 🙂
        I just think camera traps are great, they open up such a window into the natural world that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise (at least without lying in a hide being nibbled by ticks and midgies for hours).

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  3. Brilliant idea Steve , It is really interesting to see other countries and what a great way to see our friends views ,I will pop some up soon, not that living in a city is to exciting .

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      1. Oh mate ! I just love to do that also , I find it of great value to go to places I’m going to do a diorama of to see what the terrain is really like.🤔


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