Tonight I managed to get my lizardman hero finished. well apart from his shield that is. I remembered that Ann of Ann’s Immaterium had set up the March might or magic challenge … March Might or Magic . As I said I was going to add in my repurposed Allosaurus, I thought I had better get him done.

Whoops his saddle slipped backwards

To be honest, I am going to redo the banners on the chair as they look a bit dull. Not exactly something that befits a hero. Sadly he never did get his base. Hopefully I will print him one in the next couple of days.

Talking of printing… I have been busy on that front too. Sadly I forgot to write down who designed what… so I can’t give credit, where credit is due.

These came of the build plate perfectly. We have a carnivorous plant selection. A snake and stone ball combo. An Aztec inspired medallion and then a brazier for burning all those hearts and incense. I am busy printing a water feature thing … think large stone bath!

Tomorrow I will see what else I can find to do. I will try and print the base for the Beasty as well as for the magic toad.

12 thoughts on “Painting and Printing.

  1. Spectacular Steve, I just love the outcome of the greenstuff harness, it worked out really well, and yep, brighten up that banner mate and you can then give yourself a big pat on the back !

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  2. I poked around on your blog for awhile trying to figure out where you repurposed your Allosaurus from. (I thought I’d include that in the round-up write-up, if I can.)


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