So after 17 hours 10 minutes I have the first bit of him done.

The 45 degree angle certainly helped with the supports as it allowed them to pretty much come away in two large pieces.

I reckon he is now a nice size for then rest of the miniatures. Now onto the rest of him…

The top of the banner is done. Took 5 hours 11 minutes to complete. Not sure what setting I had it at, but that seems a long time. I nearly cocked up big time. (Well apart from snapping bits off it!) I sat there with it and tried to get it to fit onto the top of the main body part. It would not fit, at all. The top of the disk was totally out of line.

Lots of swearing took place!

I checked it over and over again and nope it wouldn’t fit. So I started thinking what I could do to get it sorted – this included cutting out the top of the disk and redoing it in Greenstuff. I wondered if I had increased the size by accident when slicing it etc. I knew I hadn’t. There was lots of head scratching going on and then before cutting things off I turned around and saw the second one I had printed! I was trying to place a 200% top onto a 150% base.

Ooooh it fits!

Funnily enough when I put it on the right base it works really well.

This thing is going to be huge. It is already about 8 inches (20cm tall) without its base. The base is being printed now. After 3 hours 50 minutes the top layers have decided to delaminate. Not sure whether it was temperature or a partially blockage. It was going to be a six hour print so I cut my losses. I have redone it in 3D builder and have removed all of the the bottom bits, the horns and lumps and bumps etc. I will give it a low flying base to give it a bit more stability and also to stop it being very tall.

I have set it away again and I will keep an eye on it to make sure that it doesn’t do anything silly again before bed time.

6 thoughts on “Undead, Giant Magic Toad

  1. Cool, looking forward to seeing it painted. I do have to admit when I first looked at it, I thought it was an Undead Giant Magic Snail in the first picture, but obviously I do tend to look at everything with a Nurgle Gaze. 🙂

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