Well I thought I would remove the support from the body. And see if it was saveable.

The legs and spines mostly pinged across the room, but luckily for once, I found all the bits.

Model and support

Now this might be able to be saved with some filler or something similar as well as some Greenstuff. I am printing a second one with the temperature bumped up to 220. According to the filament spec it can go up to 230. I intend to make a plastic tent to cover it tonight to try and keep some heat in. I have never tried pausing a print before so don’t know if it can carry on properly afterwards. I know technically that the printer has a system where if the print is stopped due to a power cut it will store where it stopped and will then carry on. I have never had to try so I cannot pass comment on it.

7 thoughts on “Dread Saurian Rebuild

    1. It must be the cold in the shed overnight that is causing the poor layering as everything else is spot on. I just realised one leg is missing a bit as it started off on the floor and now it is hovering in the air 🥺

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