Today new things arrived and new things were purchased.

As part of the family is still self isolating . My eldest and I managed to escape into town to get horse feed and a new gas bottle. As the schools are off for a week we also had a hunt for some kind of board game that they would all want.

We did manage to find some games as well as some more Contrast paint 😉

I went for Revell plastic glue as it was half the price of the GW stuff!

The other thing, was a postal delivery. A box of bits for Muskets and Tomahawks.

I ended up getting the cards and tokens. I didn’t bother when I went for the pre-order so once the rules came I realised that there weren’t any cards that I could have copied so I decided to order them.

Hopefully I will get a game or two in soon. Due to the Covid virus there is no archery tomorrow. I will give the club a miss too.

This made me laugh far too much!

Instead of painting anything, I spent the time slicing various lizardy things. I can’t be bothered to wait another couple of hours to show you. Instead I shall go to bed, and show you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “New Things

  1. Best and cheapest plastic glue I have ever used is the Tamiya stuff, far superior to Revell, GW and Humbrol. My local hobby shop stocks it- I can get a bottle and send it up to you if you like when you need some more.



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  2. Muskets and Tomahawks has caught my eye as a game that I could add to my collection and would fit my current terrain pretty well so it is exciting to see that you’re interested in it as well. That looks like a pretty nice mail day to me as well!

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    1. I love the FIW. Ever since I read last of the Mohicans as a child. Loved the Daniel Day Lewis film, but only relatively recently bought some miniatures. I went for 15mm ones as I live in a really small house. I have photos on the blog under FIW if you want to have a look.

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      1. I don’t know if I’ve ever read that one but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movie though it came out when I was young if I’m remembering right. I will have to read more about FIW in the future as I’m sure I have a lot to learn about it. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll go have a look! 🙂

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