Got in really late tonight so motivation level was down, but after supper I stuck the dangly bits on the harness and as I got a second wind I decided to build the rider for the saddle made days ago. I was a bit worried that he might look too large, but in all honesty I think he looks okay

I had the choice of a Scar Veteran or an Oldblood. I decided to go for a The Veteran as I fancied it. As I have no rules or anything else useful apart from what is in the manual I went for what looked good…I decided to give him a spear as he is on a big bloody lizard and a little sword wouldn’t reach anyone on the ground (the Hussars found this out in the Sudan, when the dervish laid down during a charge).

So here is the Scar Veteran on his mount.
The other side, complete with more dangly bits!

The saddle in the instructions has a whole host of horns jutting out from behind, but I am going for a more streamlined look, plus he won’t look as big. In the set there are a couple of smaller back banners that I might add to the back of the saddle just to add a bit more colour.

Hopefully I will be able to get this pair sprayed this weekend, along with the cold one riders.

Looking at the pictures, I do wonder how he gets up there. It was bD enough fir me getting on a 17 hand horse! This thing is way bigger…🤔

10 thoughts on “Lizard and Rider

  1. I particularly like how the colors/tones on the allosaurus-looking dinosaur have shaped up. The designs you stamped into the green stuff harness are a nice touch as well.

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