The weather today has, quite frankly, been pants. The wind has been howling most of the day. Add rain to gale force winds and it is the making of a crappy kind of a weather forecast.

So tonight I decided to print off some more corridors…

Yeah, exactly the same as the other ones, but they are rather nice 😂. I popped out to see how they were going and there was a small puddle under the printer. It looks like the wind has damaged the roofing material in the shed and let the rain in, right over the controls of the bloody printer. Luckily due to the slope on the front it ran right off. The whole area is now covered by blue insulation foam, as is my wife’s office and the book cases.

The other thing I managed to do was pretty much finish off the Uruk hai.

The flock is still to go down, but the actual miniatures are ready to varnish.

Still a few days of tales to go before any repairs can be made 😢

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