So tonight in our final Film of the Harry Potterthon I managed to get some work done on these fine fellows…

They still have a fair bit to go but I am getting there.

I would have got further but this happened!

I would go as far as saying that I might have uttered the odd expletive or thirty. Although evidently I am a pillock, a numpty and no doubt a knob head for not putting the pot in the holder I printed at least I am a stingy one and managed to get a fair bit back in the pot.

The printer was busy again…

Meeple orks to go with the goblins… as can be seen not all of them came out perfectly.

I also printed some stairs and a few doors…

Again there was something up with these prints…

As can be seen there was a load of stringing.

I haven’t used this colour PLA before, it is the same manufacturer, but perhaps the temperature tolerance is different. Either that or there could be some extrusion issues, the bed might be the wrong height or a whole host of other reasons that need checking out. Once the new build plates arrive then I can see what is what a bit easier.

Got mates coming round to see the new year in tomorrow, so if I don’t get to wish you all a happy New Year, then please accept it now. I wish you all Health, Wealth and happiness for 2020 when it arrives…

6 thoughts on “Big Nurgle Thingies

  1. Those marines look good! I tend to blu-tak my paint tins and water jar to the desk to avoid spills, ’cause we’ve all done it!

    Hope you have a good New Year and have a great 2020! I’m thinking for me the next decade will be The Snoring Twenties! 😉


  2. Happy New year mate, I’m not a NY guy for some strange reason and thankfully nor is the wife, that’s why I’m off to bed now at 11 pm Aussie time, Just call me Mr F…. Boring if you wish ! but if I stay up any later I’ll bloody well spill some paint, and do what my says I always do ! blame someone else. Cheers Mate, wishing you and your beautiful family a Great new year !

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