So, if you remember a month ago I got a pile of brushes from Wish and said I would give them a go.

So since then I have painted the following…

Since this picture was taken the base edges have been painted black.

To be fair, in the above photo it was mainly Hermione and bits and pieces on the Death Eaters.

Six horses have been done, along with the riders

Not to forget all of the fine details and handles on the advent calendar.

So it isn’t only a couple of figures and this is where we got to with the brush…

Not sure why it has a bend, but it is still useable, and to be honest a lot of my brushes end up like this. On the up side it does make going into tight spaces easier as I don’t have the brush handle blocking the view.

I reckon that my 20p was worth it.

So as it is Christmas Eve and I have all the presents to wrap so I might not get another post in before tomorrow.

I therefore want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and I hope Mr Beardy has you on his nice list..

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