Tonight I decided to test out my colour combo….ooh it is hard being a fashionista…

The red dolman and black shako. I think I will leave it all black as opposed to putting a coloured top on it.

the blue pelise with the black fur.

I am going to go for white lacing, but am still undecided on the turn backs and sash. I was thinking yellow for the sash, just to add another bright colour 😂

Really tired tonight so keeping this short and sweet.

However as I mentioned yesterday, I had entered the painting competition and duly voted and there was some great miniatures on there. Stretching from a relative beginner up to a contract painter and that got me thinking, who should I vote for.

Someone who is new on the road or someone making some money out of it. I actually found it quite awkward. In the end I went for what jumped out at me the most. Fair play to the lad for putting some of his first models in, but in a way I kind really felt for him as in all honesty he may not get many votes. I don’t want his confidence knocked

It was an open competition in that it was six different categories that anyone could enter, it might have been easier if there were categories, newbies, intermediate and then professional. But I suppose it becomes tricky with beginner etc, what exactly does that mean.

Not sure what this rambling end to the post means, I think I am just tired.

2 thoughts on “Hussars.. looking Colourful

  1. Figures coming along nicely and I like the colour scheme. The competition thing is a tricky one. One way around it is to have a lot of categories, at Telford for example they have the best part of a 100 but for smaller shows that’s not really practicle. Restricting entries to clubs helps too but an open show is what it is, open to everyone. I think people should vote for the best in such a situation. One way to encourage others whose work is not on a par is to issue certificates of commendation. No point saying someone is great when they can see for themselves that they can improve but no harm recognising the effort they have put in. Just my thoughts. 😊

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