Well my youngest had his 9th birthday today so not much done, but I did manage to get the white added to various bits and bobs.

It looks like WY has a finger in this pie. I was going to paint the yellow and grey on the logo, but after painting the white I think I might just leave them as is.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow. I want them done ASAP as the Weyland commando have been posted.

On the Shetland front we have had more Humpback Whales…


A pretty good photo of one of them breaching.

Talking of nice photos it was a good run into work this morning…

The downside was the -4 degrees and icy roads.

6 thoughts on “Aliens…Product Placement

  1. Nice update on the boys ,they are coming on nicely ,and the photo of the whale is so good ,It makes me wonder if I will ever get to see one ,my girls asked why, to which I replied ,living most of my life inland away from the sea has probably limited my chances !!

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