As I suspected, my PC meeting lasted quite late, so what with that and icy roads I have just got in.

Tea tonight comprises this…

I could make something else but after leaving the house at 07.50 frankly I can’t be bothered.

Whilst waiting for the meeting to start, I somehow accidentally pressed buy now on some Weyland Yutani Commandos… whoops.

Some really nice sculpts! I decided I needed some human baddies as well as the xenomorphs.

I showed the new RPG off at the club yesterday and their seemed some interest in it. Who knows I might get to run an Aliens game.

The other thing we had a go at was what a Tanker with a two on two a MakIII and Stug On the Axis side and a Matilda and Churchill on the other. We eventually knocked out the Matilda, but the Churchill just would not die!

To be fair the Churchill dice rolls were pretty dismal and it could never get a fire dice.

We were rolling, fire, reload, fire, reload fire, reload. And not one shot succeeded. It wasn’t just once but in the firefight above we managed it a total of six times. My daughter kept missing three on three and I kept hitting, doing 3 damage and it kept out saving me every time. In the end we decided that both sides would probably withdraw to re-arm

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