Tonight I made a start on pretty much all of the figures at once 🙄. As I had paint pots open I painted various bits as I went along.

There is pretty much more white on these than colours, but a Start is indeed a start.

Unsurprisingly I got further on with the xenomorphs… well they are all black!

I did edge highlight various bits with white over the top of my attempt at a zenithal highlight. I think I might have wasted my time as to be honest the Black seems to have gone over it with no discernible effect apart from the ridge quest on the nearest one.

Maybe as the paint dries completely I might see something more noticeable. Now as these are meant to be spitters I could add some bright green to the bulbous bits on the side of their heads, but to be honest I am in two minds.

I was going to tell you the tale of Betty tonight, but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow as I am tired and need to go to bed. The tale involves a terrible storm, a ship wreck and silver medals from Queen Victoria herself.

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