So tonight I sprayed this lot.

We have five prisoners and a ‘Bishop’ at the back (aka poor buggers in the wrong place at the wrong time). Five Xenomorphs (supposedly spitters) and then the Predator at the back.

I also have this little chap too. Bishop is trying his best Barbara Woodhouse ‘Sit!’, but this may prove ineffectual…

Looking through the various books on the actual Aliens there are no ‘Crushers’ that I can find. The Aliens versus Predator console game had one of these, probably where the idea for this miniature came from.

Now considering I am not going to buy any more figures for a good while, I do keep wishing that I had got a pack of the Weyland Commando and the Predator hounds.

I have Marines, Aliens and Predators from the First Prodos AvP game. I am kind of kicking myself that I didn’t get others before they lost the Franchise.

Regarding the miniatures above, I am going to go down the Contrast paint route with these too. I sprayed the Aliens grey with a white highlight as they are going to be black so hopefully the black Contrast paint will work better than straight over white.

I will make a start tomorrow.

On a total aside…. did you know that today is the day that the first German Bombs dropped on British soil in WW2. Rosyth had been bombed the month before but the bombs fell on vessels in the sea, with the loss of 16 sailors and 4 German aircrew. On 13th November 1939 Four Bombers hit Sullom Voe, which had two cruisers and a merchantman at anchor as well as numerous seaplanes.

Four bombs fell in the sea and four hit land (the first on land). The only casualty being a rabbit.

Up here many people believed that the Flanders and Allan ‘Run Rabbit’ song was about this, however it had been sung a month before the attack. The dead rabbit did have a knock on effect of making the song more popular. At least he/she didn’t die in vain!

It did make a rather large hole….

Needless to say the rabbit in the photo above was not the original martyr rabbit. It had been purchased from a butcher in Lerwick for the photo call.

And Finally… I hit a milestone today… this is my 100th daily post in a row. (To be honest I only know because WordPress told me I had done 99 yesterday).

Let us see what total useless information I can come up with tomorrow 🤔… in case you were wondering the bombs were dropped by Dornier Do 17.

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