Today I decided on a change of scale and genre…

I had based up a few 10mm orks from Pendraken and gave them a white bSe coat then set to work on them. I dithered about colour.. standard ork green or a More Tolkien style of colour… so I gave them both a try…

As you can probably guess by the photo above, the swarthy Tolkien version won.

so a quick spray later they are ready for their proper colour…

I got a bit of a scary phone call today, my mate had been admitted into hospital, he had gone in feeling crap and whilst there had a stroke. He has had a couple of minor ones of late and had been put on medication for diabetes. He thought the meds were making him feel poorly so went in to check…

He was able to talk to me to some extent, but has lost a lot of vocabulary.

Scary thing is, is that he is in his late forties.

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