Well that is it over with for another year… the action with the tanks quite often place at very close range. Below we see part of the table set up

Anyway I got possed every game of the three I played.

In two cases I was destroyed on the first hit!

The Char B above finished off my MKIII then turned its attention on my MKII. If it had survived the honey was waiting to finish it off.

Things got up close and personal between these two, with the MKIII eventually coming off worse.

Other games were Bolt action…

Some Pod Racing action…

Some board games…

And some Magic the Gathering card games which I didn’t bother photographing.

We also had a ZTV game that never got off the ground as the organiser of that was also our meet and greeter.

It was a bit disappointing in terms of numbers, last year we must have had fifty plus people attending. This year was ten. Two of them were my children. In hindsight the middle weekend of the October half term (we get two up here) probably wasn’t the best, but for three weeks before we had the fiddle and accordion week with wool week (which sort of stretched to two) before that. The next few weekends are Halloween parties with our venue being booked out again. We decided there is no right time As whenever we choose is going to clash with something going on.

On the up side we met eight potential members for the club. Everyone was impressed by the 3D printed stuff and general terrain, Personally I was a bit miffed with the lack of consistent mat arrangements 😱.

Well now that I have finished painting tanks and making terrain I thought I had better paint something else…

Therefore I decided to paint some orks.

These are 10mm Pendraken. It is all I have of these, but I will give them a test paint and if I like them then I will get an army pack to fight my elves.

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