Well I made it home at 08.00 this morning. Managed about three hours sleep last night. The seats in the bar aren’t exactly the most comfortable, but at least I could lie down… certainly beats the floor.

So this afternoon I managed a smidge of painting.

I redid the green on the bows and still missed a bit as seen by the photo. This has brow been rectified! I also gave their bellies a lighter green and then painted the flights on the arrows white then used a red on them. The red will be the common colour for all units.

The swords at the back were given a coat of grey contrast paint. Obviously they came out of a different spawning pool to the bows, these have got shields to attach to the arm. When I am ready to attach 5he shields I will scrape away the paint where the shield will go, this will ensure a metal to metal bond. The shields and or loin cloths will be where the red goes on these.

Tomorrow I will get some more done on these.

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